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ENJOY fine dining in an intimate, relaxing environment when you visit Casavini Ristorante in the Jackson Court, 9 Mitchell Street, Doncaster East. This sophisticated venue, established in 1988 by Tony, Mary and Michael Mimmo, specialises in quality italian-inspired lunches and dinners.Casavini's fine dining and professional, friendly service has helped it establish a loyal clientele.There is an extensive choice of dishes from our a la carte menu Wednesday to Friday or our Mediterannean Smorgasboard including seafood every weekend. Chefs Johana Ruiz and Robert Johns' excellent selection of meals are complemented by an extensive wine list sourced from Australian, New Zealand, French and Italian vineyards. Casavini is open for a la carte lunch and dinner, Wednesday to Friday. And renowned continental smorgasbord and live music brings the restaurant to life at the weekend for dinner on Saturday and lunch and dinner Sunday.

Located within the historical landmark that is now known as the Quality Hotel Mildura Grand on the corner of Langtree Avenue and Seventh Street are two new gastronomic landmarks – the co-joined restaurants owned and operated by Mandy and Andy Williams - Seasons and The new Spanish Bar & Grill. To say that The new Spanish Bar & Grill (hereafter referred to as The Grill) is new is stretching the truth a bit, as is the reference to being “Spanish”. There is in fact nothing Spanish about it. The original Spanish Bar & Grill was a well known and loved restaurant in the old Grand Hotel, only the name has been retained to pay homage to such a well loved local icon. “Meet Me at the Bar” is a pretty common calling in Australia, however at Seasons and The Grill it goes a bit further, with the bar literally being the meeting point between the two restaurants. Walk through the front door on Langtree Avenue and you are greeted with a sparkling array of glassware, an extensive wine collection and a beautifully crafted timber centerpiece, which is the working hub of the space. On your left is The Grill, a space that evokes the feeling of a grand gentleman’s club, with deep leather lounges, beautiful towering windows and a wonderful relaxed and luxurious ambience. On the right is Seasons, while occupying a similar space, Seasons is energetic, vibrant and elegantly modern.

Meltemi Greek tavern "sea breeze" is the next best thing to the Greek islands offering a traditional island feel accompanied by traditional Greek flavours in each and every meal. We have owned strong and successful Greek restaurants for over 16 years, which sure is a certification that we strive to offer nothing but the best to our customers. Our background stems from being the original owners of 'Paradise of Lindos - Greek Restaurant" in North Essendon (formerly: Lindos Greek Tavern), which we operated for 12 years straight. We look forward to bringing back what the locals have learnt to love and crave about our cuisine …

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